Double Layer Pouch with OGR

Adeera Pack proudly offers our progressive Double Layer OGR (Oil, Grease, and Moisture Resistant) Paper Pouch, meticulously designed to mix the eco-friendliness of recycled substances with superior protection against outside elements. With an upper layer crafted from top-class kraft paper and an internal layer fortified with OGR homes, this pouch is new and well-known for its sustainable packaging answers.

Key Features:

Enhanced Protection: Our Double Layer OGR Paper Pouch gives a dual-layered defense mechanism in opposition to oil, grease, and moisture. The kraft paper outer layer provides structural integrity and a natural aesthetic appeal, even as the inner OGR layer guarantees the contents remain clean and protected from external elements.

Eco-Friendly Composition: Committed to sustainability, our pouch is crafted from recycled kraft paper for the outer layer and functions as an inner layer with OGR residences. By choosing our pouch, you actively contribute to reducing environmental impact and creating a sustainable financial system.

Versatile Applications: From snacks and baked items to cosmetics and small products, our Double Layer OGR Paper Pouch caters to numerous packaging desires throughout numerous industries. Its adaptable design makes it perfect for retail, food carrier, and promotional purposes.

Customizable Design: Elevate your logo presence with our customizable Double Layer OGR Paper Pouch. Add your emblem, branding factors, or messaging to create an exclusive packaging solution that resonates with your target market and reinforces logo identification.

Superior Strength and Durability: Despite its green composition, our pouch is engineered for sturdiness and resilience. Combining kraft paper and the OGR inner layer ensures sturdy protection while preserving a lightweight and flexible shape.

Convenient Closure: Featuring a steady resealable closure, our pouch offers ease of use and convenience for each shop and stop consumer. The reliable closure mechanism guarantees the contents remain sparkling and available, enhancing the pleasure people revel in.

Cost-Effective Sustainability: Investing in our Double Layer OGR Paper Pouch now demonstrates your dedication to sustainability and gives long-term fee savings. Its sturdiness and protective properties limit the desire for added packaging substances and reduce ordinary packaging charges.

Why choose Adeera Pack's Double Layer OGR Paper Pouch?

Sustainability Leadership: With Adeera Pack, you will be part of a movement toward sustainable packaging solutions that prioritize environmental duty without compromising overall performance.

Premium Quality Assurance: Our pouches go through rigorous best assessments to make certain they meet the best standards of excellence, turning in consistent performance and client satisfaction.

Tailored Solutions: Whether you’re a small business or a big corporation, our crew is dedicated to providing personalized help and steering to fulfill your particular packaging necessities